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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  December 10, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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killed in his bed in a drivy shooting.. while h good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a bay area father of three killed in his bed, in a drive- by shooting, while his family was asleep nearby. police say multiple shots were fired at the victim's oakland home. don knapp is in oakland where the man's daughter says she doesn't know why their home was targeted. don? >> reporter: in some neighborhoods in the bay area, this does happen too frequently. bullets come through the walls of a house where people are innocently sleeping. at this particular house, on 28th and east oakland, it happened for the third time. that is, three times this house has been hit. and this time, with deadly consequences. a memorial sits in front of a home on east 28th. about 3:30 this morning, gunshots rang out. and a single bullet ripped through the front wall. 46-year-old thorn nepp was killed while he was in bed with his sleeping wife. a neighbor who said he heard gunshots told the oakland tribune a dark colored four door sedan sped off over speed
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bumps and through stop signs. the 46-year-old man was declared dead at the scene. his daughter told cbs 5 their home was targeted before. >> the first one was when we were sleeping. and then i woke up. and then i heard a lot of shots. >> reporter: after the first shooting, she says they were hit again. but she thinks it was shots intended for a car parked on the corn are. there are bullet holes on several places on the front side of the house, one through a wall and into a bedroom. a mesh screen and steel frame door shows two older bullet holes. >> this one i think it was an attack on our house. >> you think it was an attack on our house? >> it was only our house. this is the third time we've been hit. and the first one it was at our house exactly too. >> do you have any idea why someone would shoot your house? >> no, i don't have any idea why. >> reporter: the killing came just hours after a peace march and memorial for victims of gun violence. remembering the killing by stray gunfire last summer of a
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child carlitas nava and remembering hiram lawrence recently taken off life support. >> they know who did it and what gang they belong to and we're simply asking them to come forward and provide us the information. >> does it mean retaliation is a real possibility? >> yes it is a real possibility. >> reporter: two other shootings in oakland last night. one at 8:00 on apgar street, a man shot in the back and hospitalized and expected to survive. several blocks away on magnolia, mother another man was shot and also hospitalized. in that second shooting, houses were also hit with bullets. reporting live in oakland, don knapp, cbs 5. we're getting word of a large earthquake in southern mexico tonight. a magnitude 6.7. centered about 78 miles north of acapulco in the state of gurerro. so far no immediate reports of damage or injuries. but high rises in mexico city more than 100 miles away swayed. oakland police nabbed three suspected robbers today, all because they stopped for a red
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light. neighbors in month clare reported seeing several people breaking into an empty house. they gave a full description of the car. when police officers responded, they spotted the suspects waiting at a red light about a half mile away. the suspects are all in their teens and early 20s. and investigators are looking into whether they are also behind several other robberies in the same area. . it is a scene that is giving new meaning to the term drive through. take a look. an elderly driver lost control of his pick-up truck. and crashed into a safeway store in vallejo this morning. apparently, the 80-year-old driver's foot slipped off the brake pedal and hit the gas. the truck narrowly missed customers and employees as it careened down an aisle. >> slamming through the front west doors of the store. and apparently accelerated through the front lobby, taking out a couple of check stands and landing on the far side of the lobbies against starbucks. pretty exciting drive through day. >> well, the damage to the
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store was extensive, the driver was not hurt. right now the republican presidential hopefuls are debating in iowa. it is the first debate since herman cain dropped out and newt gingrich became the front runner but earlier today, gingrich was defending controversial comments he made about palestinians. shelby lynn explains. >> reporter: senior palestinian leaders lashing out at newt gingrich following this interview on the jewish channel. >> well, i believe that the jewish people have the right to have a the state. and i believe that the commitments that were made at the time, remember, there were -- there was no palestine that was a state. it is part of the ottoman empire. and i think that we've had invented palestinian people who are in fact arabs and historically part of the arab community. >> reporter: a top palestinian negotiator slammed the remarks calling them racists. >> i hope all of the jewish community will stand tall and denounce and condemn such a
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statement. and i hope that the republican party also will distance themselves. >> reporter: this man also says gingrich needs to brush up on his history. >> had he had any serious knowledge about history, he would not have this statement made. i don't think so. i don't think so. i hope that he would reassess and make an expeditious apology. >> reporter: well, an apology did not come from gingrich's campaign. but his spokesperson did issue a statement saturday morning saying gingrich supports a negotiated peace agreement between israel and the palestinians which will necessarily include an agreement between israel and the palestinians over the borders of a palestinian state. i'm shelby lynn, reporting. well black friday shoppers pepper sprayed at walmart. the woman behind it says the store is to blame. what she is threatening to do to prove she is right. two holes. but it is an opportunity. >> it looks like a wasteland. the drastic action the city of
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the store! a l the california woman who pepper sprayed walmart shoppers on black friday is threat -- threatening to sue the store e enough security. the woman claims she and her 2 teenaged chiln got roughed up, tr a lawyer for elizabeth masseus says she was forced to use pepper spray because the retail giant didn't provide enough security. the woman claims she and her two teenaged children got roughed up trying to get their hands on x boxes and at least 20 shoppers were hit with pepper sprays and she could face misdemeanor charges. it is the middle of the holiday shopping season but along one of the bay area's most well known avenues, business has been dismal and anne makovec reports there is a new push to entice shoppers along berkeley's telegraph avenue. >> everybody is open and ready for business. >> reporter: the message businesses along berkeley's tal graph avenue hope customers are receiving since the streets reopened on wednesday. >> it is picking up but not the same amount of sales and transactions as before. >> people became afraid to come
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into the area because they thought something was happening here. but it wasn't affecting really the businesses. it was just the one building that unfortunately burned down. >> this is what the sequoia building looked like the day after the fire that broke out and 39 apartments and two popular restaurants, but the fire left it in danger of collapse. so the city blocked off telegraph avenue and haste street. and that caused enough of a headache that some of these stores lost more than half of their business. >> because you have to go around and around and around to get here and the parking is what it is. >> reporter: over the past week, the city finally knocked the building down. and reopened the street. >> and just across haste street, from this pile of rubble is this lot, which has been empty for decades. growing weeds. and adding to the general blight. >> we finally run out of patience. >> so the city is suing the lot's owner to force new development. >> so now we have two holes. but it is an opportunity. it is really a wonderful
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opportunity to actually turn that around. >> my hope is that everything will be taken care of and the business will come back to telegraph area and the city will cooperate an try to help us out here and dig ut ous of this small hole that has been provided for us. >> reporter: in berkeley, anne makovec, cbs 5. we're getting into the holiday spirit, it can pay off. how you can win $100,000 for your local school. and what is with all of the santas? the red and white invasion in one bay area city. lots of santas on the street today. continued dry conditions. as our mild weather pattern holds through the weekend. however, creeping over the horizon, it comes a chance of showers by tomorrow night. and we will take a close-up look at it for you coming up in a few minutes. state farm. this is jessica.
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by the local news site patch .com. take pictures of your favorite decorations, upload it, and get everyone you know to vote online. and $100,000 will go to the winner school district. >> the schools are seeing mass cuts and this is nationwide. not just here locally. and we want to be able to help out, in any way we can. >> there is some tough competition, like this home right here in the bay area, and in foster city. or this one in kingstown virginia, and this home in scotts plains new jersey is the front runner, with the most votes so far. for jesus kiarte and relatively modest decorations in campbell, the contest is a win-win. >> when you turn them on, it is like life comes on, you know. >> if you win the money -- if you win the money, even better for the kids and everybody else. >> perhaps california's best chance of winning is this home on raymond street in santa cruz. it took weeks to set up and the electricity bill for a month and a half is $900.
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eugenia wood says there are so many light, heating up food in her microwave oven will blow the circuit. we showed the video of the house of the new jersey. >> wow, they have enough pour, right? i don't. we need more power. i would do the same one and more. >> each if she doesn't get the $100,000, eugenia says spreading holiday cheer has already made her a dinner. >> i don't drink. i don't smoke. i don't do anything. that's my entertainment. so once a year, one life to live, and i love it. >> the contest started thursday and at last count they had up to 60 contestants so get in there early and maximize their votes and also there are 24 finalists and they will get $500 towards their power bill. in campbell, kit doe, cbs 5. if you caught a glimpse of santa on the streets of san francisco today, you weren't alone. it was part of santa cause.
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and thousands of santas and mrs. clauses, and a few stray elves, streamed toward city hall. no greater message behind the gathering. all just for fun. and it is usually followed by a city-wide pub crawl. so you might be seeing santas all around the city tonight. and the fourth consecutive spare the air day here in the bay area. meteorologist jim bernard is here to show us how the forecast may change that. >> a pretty stagnant air pattern across the west is finally showing signs of weakening with the high pressure system off the coast all weekend long giving a way to a chance of showers this week. not so much tonight, from the looks of things, full moon out there tonight, and gorgeous dry skies. and mostly clear at this hour. we will look for increasing cloud cover here through the night. as again, we see a slight chance of showers move in to the picture and by late tomorrow, and mainly at the coast, and it is not going to be a major weather event here, as again, this will be a few drops here and there, and mostly along the shoreline, and they probably won't amount to much more than a split or two.
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as the slight chance of showers returns again thursday, with a warming trend expected through the week. and now none of these approaching systems are very impressive, but the significant factor is that the pattern is finally changing. as a result, we will be a little warmer tonight. should be above the freezing mark for most locations, mid to upper 30s. and out across the interior, mid to low 40s at the coast and that's a good 8-10-degree warmup from where they were last night and as the pattern changes, again we will look for this week to serve in part of the pacific northwest and slide into the offshore waters, sunday night into monday and may have a few drizzle drops for the coast. and the high will continue to shrink out here. and again, by thursday, it comes the next disturbance, and this is all kind of priming the atmosphere for a change in the weather pattern, possibly next week but for now, just some weak changes out there and won't amount to much in the way of any precipitation but we do see a few more clouds by tomorrow night and a few returns expected mainly along the coast and the south bay. so i don't think it will be umbrella weather. but we may see a few little
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sprinkles out there and expect cooler air in the mid to low 50s for most locations in and around the bay. and gradually warming through the week, as we see here. temperatures back into the mid to upper 60s across the interior. and by midweek, and finally, on thursday, comes another shot, of some moisture, and it too will be a very light one and shouldn't amount to much but again the main feature is the pattern is changing after several weeks of virtual drought here across the west. and right now, it is time to get the sports highlights with gary. the heisman trophy was handed out today. with stanford andrew luck, a little luckier this time around? no fighting in basketball. wait a second. yes, there is. xavier and cincinnati in one of the ugliest brawls you will ever see. sports is coming up after the break. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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no quarterback has had more gary is in for kim coil. good to see you. heisman news? >> yes. a lot going on. a brawl in basketball as well, too. crazy stuff. no quarterback has had more success at stanford than andrew luck but for the second straight year, no luck. he was the runner-up for this year's heisman. >> the 2011 winner of the heisman trophy is robert griffin iii. rgiii. >> he becomes the first player from baylor to ever win the award. the junior quarterback had close to 4,000 yards and 36
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touchdowns as he led the bears to a 9-3 season. luck came in second but over 200 points behind griffin. here is a quick look at the numbers. griffin had a clear edge in passing yards and rushing touchdowns but luck's team had the better record and the bull's eye on his back all season. big game today at the coliseum. at stake, the d-1 championship. san ramon valley had their hands full against the delasalle team that hasn't lost to a northern california school since 1991. wolves fans fired up before the game for this one in oakland. but san ramon valley had no answer for delasalle's pepe vitale. and he cuts to the outside. he is gone. you're not going to catch him. how about this? six touchdowns for him alone. the spartans capture the 20th straight championship and play for the state title next weekend. president obama not showing favorites after spending the first half on the navy side, he had to walk over to the army game for the second half. that's what you're supposed to
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do. army/navy for the 112th time. third quarter, tied up at 14. and navy's chris proctor kept it himself for the second touchdown of the game. the two teams combined for close to 600 yards rushing. navy beat army 27-21 for the 10th straight win in the series. nba news. the warriors can cross big man tyson chandler off their wish list. the former mav is now a member of the knicks. the deal is reportedly worth $58 million over four years. college hoops. eighth ranked xavier and cross- town rival cincinnati. it was supposed to be a basketball game but a bench clearing brawl that broke out in the final seconds. kenny freese got the worst of it when he was punched in the face right here. it was a complete mess. xavier did get the win 76-53. both sides can expect multiple suspensions. and that's more than okay with the cincinnati head coach mckronin. >> xavier has been a great school for years. we're trying to cure cancer at cincinnati, okay? i go to school at a place where they discovered the vaccine for polio and created benadryl. i think that is more important
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than who wins a basketball game. right now, i just told my guys, i will decide -- i will meet with my a. d. and president and decide who is on the team going forward. that's what the university of cincinnati is about. period. i told them the way i feel, i've never been this embarrassed. i'm hoping president williams doesn't ask me to resign after that. >> it was pretty embarrassing. kentucky visiting indiana. hoosiers guard drives down the lane and throws it down. indiana led by as many as 10 in the second half. great play. but kentucky came back and had a two-point lead with five seconds left. >> for the win. yes! yes! >> wloo? >> the let the party begin in bloomington. indiana knocks off the number one team in the country but the hoosiers improve to a perfect 9- 0. brewers outfielder and reining mvp ryan bruin was
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reportedly tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and appealing to the league but assuming the failed test stands brawn would be suspended for the first 50 games of next season. we're the division champs. >> that's a milestone. that's a milestone. i'm talking milestone. when it comes to celebration, i'm kind of into spontaneity. spontaneity. be spontaneous. so let's celebrate. let's celebrate. >> let's celebrate. untuck them, guys. the 49ers are nfc west champs for the first time in nine years. one guy who missed out on the celebration is braylon edwards wide receiver out with a knee injury. >> i don't want to plan on having any more clinching going on without me. it was a little 50/50 to watch. i don't plan to miss any more games and we will increase the reps week to week and that's the plan. >> and do not forget the raiders. they take on the undefeated packers tomorrow at 1:00 right
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here on cbs 5. and as always, stay tuned as always for the fifth quarter. >> a good game. >> we hope it is going to be a good game. it should be. raiders are playing pretty good. we will see if they can give the packers the first loss. >> we want it to be a good game. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. thanks for joining us. we will see you at 11:00. until then, our latest news and weather is on pretty christmas lights. have a good night.
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